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Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and empower women, minorities, and those with mental illnesses.


  • To use our website to consistently post articles that educate our audience on important issues (Wake Up).
  • To use or social media platform to inspire our audience to be their true selves without fear of judgement (Glow Up).
  • To use our voice to empower our audience to effect a change in this world (Rise Up).


To create a world where the following exists

  • Everyone is educated about life, relationships, and health (An awakening).
  • Mental health is understood, accepted, and stigma free (A Glow)
  • Empowered people stand up for what’s right and empower others to do the same (An Uprising)


Mish is the owner of Mish Speaks Truth and the vision behind the blog. However, she is more than JUST a blogger. She is all of the following. To get a truth glimps of Mish as a whole person, follow her on Pinterest

Mish writes blogs, poetry, and short stories. She also does freelance writing, ghost writing, and editing for essays, research papers, poetry, resumes, cover letters. To request writing or editing services CLICK HERE 

One thing Mish has always been good at is setting goals and achieving them. In 4th grade she could tell you what college she wanted to go on, what she wanted to be, and the steps that needed to be taken to get there. She has completed most of the goals that her fourth grader self set and is still skilled at setting and completing goals 

She has a BA in psychology, a Master’s of Social Work (pending 2021), and has worked and volunteered as both a mentor and a case manager. Both requiring working with others to set SMART goals and empowering them to take the steps to achieve those goals. 

If you are in need of this type of coaching, reach by emailing

Mish has worked as a tutor for over 10 years and has owned her tutoring business for over 3 years. She works with all grades up to Graduate School. Subjects include Math, Reading, Writing, English Language Arts (ELA), Psychology, Social Work, and Study Skills. The business is based in North Carolina, but virtual tutoring is available for student starting at grade 4.

CLICK HERE to learn more about tutoring services.

Mish loves crafting (crocheting, knitting, T-Shirt designs, etc.). As a social worker, coach, and tutor, life can be very draining. Crafting is how she de-stresses. Due to her desire not to hoard her creations, they will be available for purchase starting November 1, 2019. Follow the Facebook Page and Instagram Page for her crafts

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