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7 Better Conversation Starters than WYD

Last week we spoke about why girls hat WYD texts. This week, I am going to share with you some better conversation starters to avoid annoying that girl you like by asking her, “WYD?”

1. How are you? / How are you doing?

Though not my favorite because most people are inclined to reply “good” whether they are actually doing well or not. It still leaves more room for conversation than “WYD”

2. How is your day going? How was your day?

This tells us that you care about our day. It gives us more to say and usually baits a longer conversation.

3. Did you complete the goal you were working on?

Personally I set a lot of goals for myself. I am a tutor, a writer, a poet, a crocheter and a crafter. I also play keyboard, and I even have hair goals.  In addition to all of that, I am in school and interning. Ask me how I am coming along with any of my goals. I promise it will set you above anyone else that has shown an interest in me.

4. Did you hear about your favorite musician/celebrity?

This may require you to do a little research about their interest. I like Demi Lovato, K. Michelle, and Snow the Product. If you mention any of them, I am all ears and there is an  immediate conversation to follow. 

5. Did you watch the game?

This is a question you can ask even if both of you aren’t sports fans, or even if you do not support the same team. It shows that you acknowledge an interest they have and  it gives them an opportunity to talk about it.

6. Did you eat?

I personally do not ask this question a lot unless I know that the other person often forgets to eat. However, some people see it as a nice way to show you care. It’s also could lead to a more interesting conversation if you like talking about food.

7. Would you like to accompany me *an event*?

This event doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be a fare, a festival, a movie, or an open mic. It could be whatever you are both into, but the best way to get to know someone is by spending time with them,

Bonus: How are you restoring yourself today?

So this is not a message I thought of on my own. Someone sent me this message after this blog post was published and I could NOT resist posting this. This is probably the single best conversation starter I have gotten through text in a long time. 

Let mexplain, this guy firstly remembers that I work hard and that I was supposed to be on a self-care break. Knowing that I often overwork myself he asked me a question that not only started a conversation, but also was a gentle push to practice self-care. 

It was a reminder that he listens when I speak and that he cares about my rest and relaxation. This guy honestly needs to offer a webinar on how to be a decent guy. 

Question of the Week

What’s a better converstion starter than WYD?

Answer By Ms. Williams | Instagram |

Hello beautiful. How is your day going? Any plans for today?
I chose this one because I love how it shows interest in her day, and also leaves room for you to make plans with her if she is free.

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Final Thoughts

People want you to show real interest in who they are, not just what they are currently do this. Use these conversation starters and comment below if you have had better conversations after,


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