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    7 Better Conversation Starters than WYD

    Last week we spoke about why girls hat WYD texts. This week, I am going to share with you some better conversation starters to avoid annoying that girl you like by asking her, “WYD?” 1. How are you? / How are you doing? Though not my favorite because most people are inclined to reply “good” whether they are actually doing well or not. It still leaves more room for conversation than “WYD” 2. How is your day going? How was your day? This tells us that you care about our day. It gives us more to say and usually baits a longer conversation. 3. Did you complete the goal you…

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    7 Reasons Why I Still Believe In Love

        So, I’m a millennial, and it appears to me that my generation has given up on love. Everyone is scared to get hurt and commit themselves to another person. Yet, I believe in love. The list below contains the main reasons I believe in love. I still believe in love because…   1. One bad experience cannot change my mind about love Many people give up on love after a bad experience. So, I had a bad experience with love one time…two times…three times even. However, that does not mean the next time cannot be the time to last forever. Do you remember the first time you learned how to…

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    7 Characteristics of Love

    Last week we spoke about what love is not. This week we are speaking about what love is. With 7 days until Valentine’s Day, I think this topic is just in time. The list below contains 7 characteristics of love. If your love life is lacking any of these characteristics, I challenge you to think critically about whether you are experiencing true love. Love Is… 1. Scary When you love, you give someone power over your heart to break it. That’s a scary feeling. Many of us want to be in control of our feelings and emotions. The truth is, when we begin to fall in love, we usually trust…

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