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Forgiveness is NOT Reconciliation or Dismissal of Consequences

Message of the Day: October 4, 2019

As you may have already seen, there are pictures going viral of the Dallas Policewoman (Amber Guyger) who murdered a man (Bothom Jean) in his own home being embraced by the man’s family while they shower her with love and support. 

Some people have taken this and labeled it as forgiveness. In truth, it is treachery to Bothom Jean, and it is a dismissal of consequences for Amber Guyger. There is one thing that people often forget. That is: (Amber

Forgiveness is NOT Reconciliation or
Dismissal of Consequences

People seem to think that in order to forgive a person, you have to be able to reconcile with them and accept them with open arms. This is FALSE. When you forgive, according to the actual dictionary definition of forgiveness, you simply relinquish the hate that you were once holding onto. You let that go and you are free. 

When you forgive, you are not required to become friends with the person who hurt you; you are  not obligated to feel sorry for any actions that they have brought on themselve.

You are simply required to let go of the hare. 

So again, the viral pictures of Bothom Jean’s family embracing Amber Guyger is treachery and a dismissal of consequences. By no means, could I ever consider this forgiveness


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