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Going to Therapy Does NOT mean you are Crazy – #MishMOTD

Message of the Day: October 20, 2019

First, let me formally apologize for my unannounced blog break. I had A LOT of unexpected life changes and the I needed to shut down my mind for a bit and try to get my life in order. Now that I am feeling kind of better I will resume my message of the day with this important message

Therapy does not mean you are crazy

In the midst of all that was going wrong, I had to remind myself that it is okay to go to therapy and you can go to therapy and still practice your religion. Sometimes we need an outside objective opinion from someone who is licensed and experienced in handling situations like the one you are going through.

This is especially important as we discuss Domestic Violence Awareness Month because after experiencing things as traumatic as that, therapy is very needed, and it does not mean you did anything wrong or are crazy. It simply means trauma is a cause for therapy.

So No, going to therapy does not mean that you are crazy. It quite simply means that you have enough self-awareness to know when you need help.

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