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Love is A Partnership, Not A Dictatorship

Message of the Day: October 3, 2019

Have you guys heard Fantasia Burrino’s recent rant about wives submitting to husbands? I took the time to listen to her and then I took the time to listen to the video that both she and her husband made together and my only response is:


Of course, they framed is very nicely to make it appear as if their marriage is not a dictatorship. However, I pay close attention to the words that people choose. Her husband said something along the lines of “I take my Wife’s opinions into consideration and then I make the best decision for our family”

Personally, I do not want someone who will simply “take my feelings into consideration while THEY make decisions. I want someone who will talk to me and we come to the best decision for our family TOGETHER. 

One of the things Fantasia mentioned is that she trusts him to budget because she watched how he budget, and the decisions that he was able to make.

I guess, I cannot relate because (and this may sound mean), I do not need a man to show me how to budget or explain finances to me. 

Can we be real for a moment? Fantasia did not even know how to read for a while, and I am not entirely sure that she ever learned. She is the typical wife of traditional wife of earlier centuries; a women who cannot read, cannot do math, and cannot understand things on an academic level, so she is forced to submit to her man and allow him to teach her these things

This is not to say I am against submission

I am against submission that gives any one person more control over the relationship. All final decisions need to be made by both my future husband AND myself. Not just him. Small decisions are fine of course. However, I cannot allow only my husband to be the sole decision maker, or sole finance manager, or the sole manager of anything. 

We should be a completer partnership. If I can’t have the partnership, I do not want the marriage and I would rather stay single forever.

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